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Meet Dinaric Adventures, a new experience of Croatia and beyond, showcasing luxury outdoor adventures through signature itineraries and immersive experiences that allow our guests to live and interact with the local community.

Well-being in unity with nature

The Dinaric region’s way of life is remarkable due to its strong connection with nature, promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. The challenging mountainous terrain encourages regular physical activity, benefiting residents’ well-being. The abundance of fresh air, clean water, and organic food further supports a healthy diet and lifestyle. This unhurried pace of life fosters mindfulness and balance, emphasizing the present moment and reverence for the natural world.

Embracing life with respect

Here, people deeply respect nature and live in harmony, relying on its resources for survival. They have a rich cultural heritage, ancient history, customs, folklore, and traditional arts and crafts. The local communities are close-knit, valuing community and hospitality. Neighbors support each other in times of need, and traditional music, dance, and food are cherished aspects of social gatherings, festivals, and celebrations.
56.594 km2 area
3.88 milion population
1.244 Islands, cliffs, and reefs
20.000 rivers and over 800 lakes
Over a 100 mountain peaks
10 cycling routes, including 4 European
8 National Parks
Drinkable water across all of Croatia
Olive oil
Croatia is known for its high-quality olive oil production. In fact, the oldest olive tree in the world, believed to be over 1,600 years old, is located in Croatia on the island of Brač.
Wine Country
Croatia has a long history of wine production, with numerous wine regions throughout the country. Croatian wines, including red, white, and dessert wines, are gaining international recognition for their quality and unique flavors.
Football fever
Croatians are passionate about football and have a strong football culture. The national team has had notable success in international competitions, including finishing as runners-up in the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia and third place in Qatar in 2022.

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Our people

Ljubo Katić

Ljubo is a passionate guide who spends his days in nature, mostly in the canyon of the Cetina River. With his extensive knowledge of local flora, fauna, history, and culture, he takes you on an unforgettable journey. Ljubo is a reliable companion and a source of information, ensuring that you experience all the wonders of this unique place.

Ivan Eremut

With his vision and passion for adventure travel, Ivan has created an agency that has become synonymous with incredible experiences in the mountainous regions of Dinarida. Through guided tours and activities such as hiking, diving, rafting, and exploration, Ivan has enabled visitors to discover the beauty and wilderness of this area.

Tea Bilić

Meet Tea, our world-traveling guide with a dance-filled spirit! From Croatian folk dances to untold stories, she'll dazzle you with her infectious smile and captivating tales. A true globetrotter and language enthusiast, Tea's adventures don't just explore places – they connect communities, all with a grin that's as unforgettable as her stories!

Jerko Cvitanić

Introducing Jerko, our dance-loving guide who adds a Latin flair to every journey! With his suave moves and knack for storytelling, he'll whisk you away into a realm of rhythm and excitement. Jerko's vibrant energy and captivating tales ensure you'll explore and have a blast in unparalleled style, catching his contagious travel enthusiasm along the way.

Marin Mađor

Say hi to Marin, our adventure extraordinaire! From quad biking in the Dalmatian hinterland to Adriatic island hopping, he uncovers the extraordinary. A climber with mountain rescue chops, Marin adds safety to excitement. Masterfully meshing biking, sea jaunts, and land logistics, he turns trips into unforgettable tales. Adventure isn't just a skill for Marin – it's his lifestyle.

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